School History

1911 St Andrew School

In 1904 Father Heimann remodeled the church basement to open the first school in St Andrew Parish. The school room was at the north end of the church, bedrooms were set up on the west side, and a kitchen was created on the east side of the basement. Most students at the school were from town, but bedrooms were needed for children from the country who lived at the school during part of the year that they made their First Communion.

Four years later in 1908, at the request of our new pastor Father Casey, a convent was built and the first Sisters of St. Joseph were welcomed to teach at our school. They would continue as the primary educators of first through eighth grade students at St. Andrew School for the next 63 years, leaving behind a legacy of humility and inclusion that continues today. The two-story red brick building was built in 1911 and doubled in size with an expansion in 1926. Major renovations were made in 1962, exchanging the upstairs auditorium (red velvet curtains and all) for a new classroom, library, lunchroom and two restrooms.

1920 Second Grade

In 1972 the Mother General of the Sisters of St. Joseph announced that the decrease in vocations meant that she was no longer able to assign the necessary teaching sisters to our school. Believing that we could not have a Catholic school without Catholic nuns, Fr. Baumstark declared that the school would close at the end of the school year and so it remained until 1979. With the firm backing of Father Wilson, the school reopened in 1979 with about 35 students in Kindergarten through the third grade. The following year grades four through six were added and then seventh and eighth grades the next year.

As the school continued to grow, additional space was needed and Fr. Trayers oversaw the addition of two new classrooms attached to the Parish Center. The church basement was also brought back into service with the addition of a preschool in 1996. Our current facilities include 8½ classrooms, a computer lab, library, and music room. Thanks to a very successful capital campaign initiated in May of 2008, Legacy of Faith, we have upgraded our facilities by renovating the gym, including air conditioning, adding one new classroom, and building a corridor connecting the new classrooms and gym with the original red brick building. The legacy continues.