On-going Fundraisers

We encourage all friends of St. Andrew School to participate in this on-going fundraiser by saving the following items This is free money for the school. It just takes a little time and organization on your part.

Cartridges for Kids – Used cell phones, video games consoles, video games, GPS Systems, digital cameras, laptops, PDA’s/Palm Pilots, iPods, DVD Movies, empty toner and inkjet cartridges. We receive cash for these.

Geeral Mills Box Tops – worth $0.10 each for our school.

Campbell’s Labels for Education (UPC Code) – The school receives points for the UPC codes and redeems the points for merchandise.

Best Choice UPC – The school receives $0.03 per UPC for our school and a $30.00 Bonus for the first thousand sent in.

Tyson Project A+ - Each label is worth $0.24 cash.