Rides to Church

Visit, arrange transportation to and from Mass if needed. Notify pastor of special needs. Volunteers needed.

Community Christmas Dinner

St. Andrew’s annual dinner is to reach all in need of food, fellowship and a wonderful day. Clothing room provides free warm winter clothes and coats for all ages. Toys are given to the children in attendance. All members of the Parish are encouraged to Participate. The Dinner is held on the 2nd Sunday in December.

Contact 1 Jennifer Sanders
(620) 331 - 5176
Contact 2 Angela Renfro
(620 331 - 4453


Stephen Ministries

St. Andrew lay caregivers (called Stephen Ministers) provide one-to-one Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, and others facing a crisis or life challenge. Stephen Ministry helps pastors and congregations provide quality caring ministry for as long as people need it. People who need care benefit from Stephen Ministries by receiving quality, Christ-centered, confidential care for their hurts and needs. They find hope, healing, and a new sense of self-worth through the support of a Stephen Minister. Recipients know they are remembered and supported by their congregation in times of personal difficulty, receive ongoing care for continuing needs long after the onset of a crisis, when many others have forgotten about them and grow in a deeper relationship with their Lord as they experience God's unconditional love for them through their Stephen Minister.




COMMUNITY FEEDING MINISTRY: St. Andrew participates in a program of free meals provided by various Independence congregations for anyone who wants to attend. They are served on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. at Epiphany Episcopal Church.

Contact Lisa Hugo
(620) 330 - 2080


Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee greets newcomers to the parish and organizes events of fellowship for parish members.  The committee prepares packets of information on the parish (directory, stewardship information, envelopes) to assist the new members in feeling at home in their new parish.


Mike and Mary Ann Baldassaro (816) 392 - 6113

Compassionate Care Committee

The Compassionate Care Committee provides assistance to parishioners who have a need.  The need may be short or long term and may include providing transportation, visiting the sick and elderly, taking meals when requested and housekeeping tasks.

Contact Jean Lundt
(620) 331 - 5788