Mass Ministries


Lector at week end (5:30 p.m. Sat., 10:00 a.m. Sun.) and Holy day Masses and weekdays as scheduled.

Contact Eloise Wesley
(620) 331 - 3448


Greet, usher and gather the offering at week end (5:30 p.m. Saturday, 10:00 a.m. Sunday) and Holy day Masses as scheduled. Pass out bulletins after Mass.

Contact David Thompson
(620) 331 - 4936


Sing/play with traditional choir, guitar choir, combined choir, or other musical events. Volunteer to cantor at weekend Masses.

Saturday Evening Choir Karen Knox
(620) 332 - 9543
Guitar choir Arlene Dalton
(630) 331 - 3245
Sunday Balcony Choir Lina Miller
(620) 331 - 7758

Offertory Gifts

Take offertory gifts from back of church to altar at week end and Holy Day Masses, as scheduled.

Contact Karen Hernandez
(620) 331 - 1943

Rosary Leader

Lead rosary before week end and Holy day Masses, as scheduled, starting 20-25 minutes before Mass.

Contact Karen Hernandez
(620) 331 - 1943


Be at church entrance 15-20 minutes before week end Masses, as scheduled, to greet and warmly welcome those arriving.

Contact Dian Wullenschneider
(620) 331 - 6906

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

To assist Father in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass requires completion of the diocesan training class which is offered occasionally around the diocese.

Contact Parish Office
(620) 331 - 1789