Parish/Stewardship Council


The Parish/Stewardship Council is responsible for working with the Pastor in carrying out the mission of the parish.  To that end, council members assist in planning, overseeing, coordinating, and communicating. In addition, the Council also promotes the concept of Stewardship. We have received every gift of nature and of grace from God.  We are called to use and to return those gifts in a responsible and accountable manner and to place ourselves at the service of others, especially those who are in most need.  Parishioners participating in stewardship find a difference in their lives that can be seen in several ways.  First, in the FOCUS of our giving.  Instead of focusing on the needs of the group we’re helping, the focus is primarily on God and our relationship with God.  Second, in the REASON for giving.  We give because we are grateful to God for what God has given to us.  We give freely because we want to, not because we have to.  Third, in the RESULT of giving.  As we practice stewardship, we find that we grow spiritually and our faith is deepened.  In fact, we find that our lives are changed for the better. St. Andrew’s Parish/Stewardship Council is made up of twelve parishioners that serve on a rotating basis.  

Chairman Rita Taylor
Member Listing

Mary Ann Baldassaro

Vi Carroll

Luke Claar

Ron Denney

Sandra Easter

Terry Emert

Judy Johnson

Wally Snodgrass

Katie Uncapher

Lauren Ysusi

Meeting Time         Varies